India's first consulting firm focussed on Positioning, Brand Communications & Marketing - the three top business challenges

Financial Literacy Solutions

Individuals are not looking to learn markets, banking and insurance as separate modules that they will later put together and connect the dots. Rather, while buying a product, they feel the need to get a quick shot of information that will help them choose. They want a big-picture view of their money life and then specific information for the part of the market they choose to go to for product transactions. The days of financial education through seminars and long blogs are over. There is a huge market available which can be tapped by using disruptive and fresh ways of financial education strategies - Reports, Videos, Web-Series etc. We help companies take a fresh perspective at financial education from marketing angle, without lenses of it being a cost centre.​

​How we are different?​

Innovation has disrupted the content creation space as well. Gone are the days when using a good looking model was enough to create the brand recall. Times have changed, and so have the consumers' behaviour. Being well-entrenched into the eco-system we understand this and hence focus on creating content that resonates with the target audience.

We are India's first consulting firm focussed on Positioning, Brand Communications & Marketing - identified as the three key business challenges for any company. Social-digital revolution, high-growth expectation from investors and shareholders, massive disruption, and ever-increasing competition have made life of CXOs quite tough. We invest lot of time in understanding our client's business do competitor benchmarking and then build an effective strategy around it. Right positioning of your product and service, along with razor-sharp marketing strategy is what sets us apart from peers.

the crew

It was the experience of observing, interacting with more than 100 financial services firms across India, along with actively consulting some of them, that gave birth to the idea of Taking Wings. Whether you are a Fintech startup looking to raise your next round, a large NBFC wanting to expand into newer territories, a Bank looking at launching new suite of services, we could be the right partners to help you take the intended message across to your target audience.

Taking Wings is coming together of experts from various domains, with average experience of over two decades to help financial services build and execute winning content strategies.

Companies we've been working with

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